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Service VIP Escorts

Find here the Frequently Asked Questions about our services, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

All the published photographs are theirs. In order to protect the identity of the ladies, faces as well as special signs such as tattoos, birthmarks and personal marks are masked on the online images.

Women do not like to reveal their age in general.   All the ladies at your service were required to validate their legal age majority before meeting you.   You will be able to see that the ages indicated go hand in hand with the personality and appearance of our escorts.

For the most part, they only work a few days a week.   To have the privilege of meeting your favorite escort, it is wise to make your reservation in advance based on their availability in the posted schedule.

The lady whom you meet will hold as much to preserve her anonymity, as you to preserve yours.   To ensure authenticity of requests and appointments, certain personal information may be collected or requested (phone number, hotel room, address of the meeting place).   This information is never retained after a successful appointment.

The type of service offered is specified in the profile of each lady.   The satisfaction of any particular request is left to the discretion of the selected escort who may require additional compensation in return.

There are no exceptions to the principle of protected relationships with escorts.   This requirement provides you with superior protection than any other intimate encounter can offer.

Yes, each escort remains free to refuse an intimate encounter, if she feels unsafe or if the actual expectations exceed the level of services offered.